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[Horde] [Lightninghoof] <Fine Young Cannibals> CST 3 Days Recruiting for ICC 25

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Posted 05 April 2010 - 08:35 PM

Fine Young Cannibals is a long standing raid guild on the Lightninghoof Server. Lightninghoof is an RP-PvP server in the CST. We have been raiding competitively since Burning Crusade and plan to continue into Cataclysm. We have never had a hardcore schedule yet compete with others on our server that raid 2 days or more a week. Our past accomplishments include:

Only hordeside Kael prenerf
First hordeside Illidan
Black Protos/plagued out of Naxxramas
Rusted Protos from Ulduar

We are currently recruiting a few more people for ICC 25 hardmodes and Arthas. We are only looking for raiders that WILL HAVE 95%+ attendance. Our raiding schedule isn't as long as most other guilds. That does not mean that we are a "casual" guild. The only thing casual is our schedule. When you step foot in the raid, it is time to focus and down some bosses. If you can't be bothered to read strats, watch videos and theorycraft your class, this is not the place for you. We are currently 11/12 ICC25 and 7/12 ICC 10 hardmodes. Once we have Arthas down our focus is to push hardmode ICC25. We are not recruiting bench warmers. We are recruiting for core raid spots.

Our schedule is:
Wednesday 8pm-12am server
Thursday 8pm-12am server
Sunday 8pm-12am server
We are currently looking for:

All classes/Specs

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If you feel you are good enough to handle ICC 25 hardmodes I encourage you to apply. If you have any questions you can contact Koriak, Ziodin, Humbrall, Styxxon, Vorima or Jagwaar ingame. If you cannot find an officer in-game ask any of us and we can get you in touch with an officer pretty fast. If you wish you can send me a private message and i can give you some more options on being able to contact our officers via our vent or in-game

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