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Low lvl shaman 2h vs 1h flurry dps question.

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#1 grenadeshark


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Posted 18 January 2007 - 10:43 PM

Ok, i tried to edit this post to be more to the point. I am trying to get people to disagree or agree with me or just state their opinion on this matter. I saw the warrior flurry post. All of that pertains to level 60ish people and not to a low level person. I just want to know if my logic is flawed or it is pretty much on target. Everyone i talk to says a 2h is better, but my logic says that it isn't. So it is pretty much a 2h vs a 1h thread.

I am playing a 25 shaman at the moment.

Im lvl 25 using a lvl 25 1h/2h weapon.

Attack power is around 166.

Flurry atm is at 10%(1/5 points) I have a 15% crit rate. With my 1h my damage range is


My 2h damage range is.

This is a 1.4 speed dagger vs a 3.1 speed 2h both lvl 25.

So here comes the theory craft.

Below is information I have gathered from previous threads or my own theorycrafting.

1. Being a 1.4 speed dagger, it will crit almost twice as much as the equivalent 2h. Also, this means flurry will be up around 15% more of the time with the 1h as it would effectively mean a little bit more then double the crit rate(1/2 swing speed).

2. Also, knowing that a 2h will not crit as much, when it does crit, you could have overkill. I mean this by saying the mob could have 30 health left and you could crit it for 200 effectively wasting 170 damage.

3. There is really only 2 reasons i could possibly see to use a 2h over a 1h while leveling and I feel they are insignificant compared to the pro's of using the 1h. When you do crit with a 2h, your flurry bonus will be higher then the equivalent 1h. Lets pretend we have all points in flurry (5/5). This means that on a 1.4 spd dagger you would then move to .98 swing speed and on a 3.1 2h, you would move to a 2.17 swing speed. This means over 3 swings, the 2h would gain 1.53 seconds over the dagger(about half of a 2h swing).

4. The other reason could be that you just got a badass blue 2h over like a green dagger. The same could be said for getting a badass one hand.

5. The perfect damage range that balances actual speed and flurry speed increase seems between 1.9 and 2.3.

7. The only time to use a 2h is if you are grinding low level mobs or have an extremely slow weapon and a very high crit rate. A 3.8 speed weapon with a very high crit rate (20% +) could work out if you could actually use flurry for all of its charges.

8. The more crits you gain from a faster weapon(and more flurry procs) is worth more then the extra speed you will gain from flurry (and more damage)on a slow 2h weapon.

I want to know how true these statement stay between levels 25-40.

I have come up with these numbers but i do not know if i took everything I needed to into account. Please explain to me if i missed something that would make a 2h be a better choice over a 1h.

#2 Nite_Moogle


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Posted 18 January 2007 - 10:53 PM

Your entire post is flooded with fallacies. I think you are believing somehow that consecutive flurry hits will stack: this is not the case. If you are already flurried and you crit, you remain at the same haste percentage instead of stacking the two effects. The raw fact of the matter is two handed weapons do more damage per second than one handed weapons and no amount of convoluted math will change that.

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#3 Praetorian


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Posted 18 January 2007 - 10:54 PM

Wait, are you comparing the damage of a single 1h weapon against a single 2h weapon...?

Shaman melee DPS is all autoattack-based before things like Stormstrike and Unleashed Rage enter the picture. A 2h weapon has a higher DPS than a 1h weapon unless they are drastically different in quality. Higher autoattack DPS = higher overall DPS for a low-level shaman.

If you are fighting multiple things a shield may add survivability in situations where a 2h proves unwise, but that's a separate question.

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#4 Apate


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Posted 18 January 2007 - 10:54 PM

What % of your damage is white damage (remember that instants are normalized, also)? Why is flurry the main deciding factor in what your weapon choice will be? Why not just run a DPS meter for a while with a dagger, and with a 2h, etc., assuming you have skilled both up?
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