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Cataclysm Priest Changes

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#41 TheDoctor


    Piston Honda

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 05:03 PM

We're complaining about lightwell - but I think we're missing the (potentially) huge buff it's getting. If we're going to be mana starved, we face the following situation: Heal up all the dps that just took damage for a lot of mana, or spend a little on a lightwell and remind them "click the thing or die, because I can't afford to heal you". While nobody likes making the dps stop dpsing to heal themselves, it might become necessary/worthwhile. The critical problem with lightwell nowadays is that enrage timers (soft or hard) are the primary difficulty of almost all fights. With mana mattering, they can move away from that (and GC said they intend to).

First it is in no way a "(potentially) huge buff" that the efficiency it provides would be necessary. It is merely an alignment of mechanics that it becomes worth the effort "possibly". Though if mana situations become so tight that it is really that necessary/effective it could be argued that at that point it is more desirable to bring a healer that has tools that don't have such a restriction. Because frankily most dps players suck at doing survivability tasks.

The issue is that no other healer has a similar mechanic that requires the player to do something to start the heal. There is a history of positioning requirements, group requirements..etc. which are normally difficult enough to coordinate. I expect something will happen regarding Lightwell.

While I agree that the current difficulty to encounters are the enrage timers I don't think that will change. What will change is that it won't be solely a question of do we have the dps... Which invariably in Wrath has lead to lets find a way to swap out a healer(s) to pickup dps. Now it is possible that there will be a limitation to the ability to drop healers because healer mana with less healers my not last to the enrage timer even if it was possible to meet the healing requirement for throughput.

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 06:32 PM

I actually think the Mind Spike addition is the most telling of how encounter design in Cataclysm is likely to look (combined with the rogue combo point mover and the DK insta-disease stacker).

The big issue with encounter design always was that you have 2-3 times the number of DPS to healers in a typical group/raid. This meant any encounter which was 'challenging' from a healing perspective wasn't sufficient to make the encounter interesting, since you could always take a small (relative) DPS hit to get a large healing increase by swapping out a DPS for a healer. This in turn resulted in basically every encounter requiring a hard enrage, often quite a tight timer, and in WOTLK, minimizing the returns on additional healers by making the 'healing challenge' more about responding to burst with lots of overhealing rather than endurance.

The other alternative though is to make a small relative change in DPS have a bigger effect on the encounter length or difficulty. The two main mechanics are through spawning adds and increasing raid damage (e.g. DBS). Of the two, spawning adds probably give more flexibility to encounter design. (if it isn't clear, spawning adds effectively work as a 'DPS importance multiplier' because it effectively acts as a flat reduction to the raid DPS on the boss, i.e. boss dps = raid dps - dps used on adds; thus a given increase in raid dps works as a larger relative dps increase on the boss).

In Cataclysm, given that Blizzard has already stated that they want to move away from the burst healing-challenge model and towards endurance, it becomes even more critical to have fine control over the relative value of DPS versus healing. In WOTLK, bringing an additional healer brought quickly diminishing returns since once you could survive the burst, added healing was mostly wasted (a small value provided by redundancy of course). Once mana becomes the limiting factor, adding healing will provide essentially linear returns: a sixth healer over a fifth will essentially work out to be 20% additional time to kill the boss. Further, the traditional solution of a very tight enrage timer doesn't work since it would invalidate the entire premise of the healing challenge being primarily resource management.

What all this means is that I imagine Cataclysm encounters will have a large focus on spawning adds or something similar that diverts raid DPS (e.g. bone spikes). But in order to be able to balance those for wide variety of raid comps, the encounter designers will have to be able to assume a certain amount of 'add usable' DPS from every DPS spec. I don't think it's a coincidence that SPs, DKs and rogues all are planned to receive some kind of cooldown that make them more effective during a target switch. It's a bit ironic when you consider that quite a bit of effort was spent during WOTLK to make DPS less burst and more ramp up time (hence all the deep wounds type talents); I imagine this is how PvP/Arenas might have negatively impacted encounter design in WOTLK.

The long and short of it is that as a healer, I think the biggest change out of the priest preview is Mind Spike, because it seems to imply that Blizzard is really committed to making encounters more interesting from a healing perspective.

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 11:52 PM

I'm still not too sure about Leap of Faith. I need more info before I say if it's good or bad.

The way they are getting rid of the 5 second rule and reducing the benefit from replenishment Heal reminds me of what a down ranked greater was back in the day. So for a lot of people it won't be too hard to adjust to if they make us really watch our mana again like we used to.

I hope they go into more detail on the disc tree stuff.

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Posted 10 April 2010 - 11:28 AM

Power Word: Barrier - I wonder if it will have the same weakened soul debuff as the rest of the shields. While I dont mind keeping the WS debuff for other shields, and sharing them with the holy shields, I would like a separate type of debuff for the group shield, to stop it with clashing with the holy shield and maybe make body and soul more fun and useful.

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Posted 10 April 2010 - 07:16 PM

I'm really interested in how they'll make Shadow Orbs scale with mastery on gear. I see a few options:

1. It provides a % multiplier to damage that increases with more mastery on gear without the stat controlling the rate of orb creation. This would basically make it function like a second crit stat on gear, and we'd theorycraft which is better and mostly forget about it.

2. It provides a linear addition to damage that increases with more mastery on gear without the stat controlling the rate of orb creation. This would would make it function like spellpower, which is quite boring.

3. It provides a constant linear or % multiplier per orb that increases in proc rate with more mastery on gear. This would be a fairly interesting mechanic: your ramp-up time is a function of your mastery stat. I'd be kind of interested in this, but I imagine that it would be a nightmare to balance (and one of their goals is for low-level characters to get something out of it, which means it has to do something even with no mastery on gear)

4. A combination of the above Here all bets are off, as mastery would be a stat which scales quadratically with itself, and thus is either too weak at early gear levels or too strong at high gear levels (kind of like ArP).

#46 KalistraMerged


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Posted 11 April 2010 - 09:40 AM

•We want to improve Discipline's single-target healing capacity. One key is to make sure shielding isn't always a more attractive option than healing.

is the thing that makes me the most happy. Blizzard have said they don't want pallies to be the go-to main tank healer and this looks like their 'fix'.

They also posted about two stacking PWS we might have again, that definately sounds promising.

Leap of Faith I don't like that much, you can't design an encounter around it without saying you have to take a priest, however there have been some encounters (pvp fight in TOC25 for example) where I can see advanatges to it.

Time will tell, but I'm hopeful.

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Posted 11 April 2010 - 06:58 PM

First it is in no way a "(potentially) huge buff" that the efficiency it provides would be necessary. It is merely an alignment of mechanics that it becomes worth the effort "possibly". Though if mana situations become so tight that it is really that necessary/effective it could be argued that at that point it is more desirable to bring a healer that has tools that don't have such a restriction. Because frankily most dps players suck at doing survivability tasks.

If efficiency does come to be a limiting factor during fights, Lightwell could very well become useful, as long as we remove the need for players to interact with it by clicking. I imagine Lightwell could work as Moonwells from WC3 did, having a fixed amount of healing power when created that's spent over time slowly healing players close to it. That way there's still some player input needed, but the kind that even DPS are used to: moving away from/towards something. Health low? Hey, I could afford moving a bit near that shiny thing my priests create while I cast this instant spell/phase transition/change position to avoid the fire.

Having a limited healing potential (an absolute number that it heals before expiring and disappearing, according to your spell power) would also help to differentiate Lightwell from a shaman's totem, and the cooldown could then be easily adjusted so it's not something that should be always up as a Healing Totem is. Lightwell would also be different from other forms of priest AoE healing because the healing would not be instant (as CoH or PoH heals are) and also wouldn't be as fast as Divine Hymn (which also does not have range as a limiting factor in practice).

Perhaps not that game-changing, but what else could we expect from it? At least Lightwell can finally become a distinct and useful priest spell.

#48 Elimbras


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Posted 11 April 2010 - 09:09 PM

Blizzard have said they don't want pallies to be the go-to main tank healer and this looks like their 'fix'.

I expect a lot of changes for paladins. They are currently the exception among healers, with nearly no aoe tools and a very strong single target capacity.

Regarding Lightwell, the increase in burst time will increase its usability: currently, in most fights, the time needed to realize you get hurt, to target it and use it is too long for it to be useful : you're either already dead or healed to 100%...
So I can imagine they let it as heal on demand, even if changing it's precise use.

I can also imagine they make it as a burst temporary healing totem, similar to the on-cd strong mana-regen totem of resto shamans. That would define more holy priest as burst raid healers, and maybe too much (as I expect lots of fights to be some quiet efficient healing, with some burst needed sometimes, similar to XT for example). Being able to stand still sometimes, and to go berserk at other time can be very handy.

#49 Oomjin


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Posted 12 April 2010 - 02:39 PM

... (and one of their goals is for low-level characters to get something out of it, which means it has to do something even with no mastery on gear)

I thought everyone got some small amount of Mastery from wearing appropriate armour? So for the low-level shadow priest, they'd get some orbs just by wearing clothes.

This still suggests that the chance to pop an orb is only weakly dependent on Mastery rating, though, otherwise those lowbie priests would only see them very, very rarely. Hardly an improvement over the current situation where eyeballing cannot distinguish priest roles before Shadowform is available.

#50 Guest_Amoenitas_*

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Posted 12 April 2010 - 02:45 PM

At first I was very impressed by the changes they announced. After a few thoughts about it there was some scepsis.

Heal - Definitely great. I am very excited about the new way of healing with more mana issues and therefore needing to choose the right spell. "Heal" is going to be new standard heal, and deciding when so switch to another one sounds interesting.

Chakra - I am not sure about this, mainly because no one knows how big the effect is that chakra provides. If it is less than 5%, it would be more effective to use the right spell depending on the situation and forgetting about Chakra. If it's more like 20% Chakra would limit us to much into one kind of spell and changing the aspect might be difficult and expensive.

Leap of Faith aka Life Grip - Hm. Funny tool, no doubt about this. I'm going to love the new daily heroes, with mind control, fear, shackle and life grip it's never going to be boring. But I'm not sure if it's really useful. 45s cooldown is very much if you are really in need to save someone, and the spell encourages DD just to stay in the fire and blame the priest for not pulling them out. Great for PvP anyway, but this doesn't bother me much.

Powerword: Barrier - Great if it's not affected by weakened soul or has its own debuff. Otherwise not very useful.

Second Tank Shield and improved single target heals for disc - I hope very much that this is going live. Stacking bubbles is going to be less important if there are no onehits or twohits for tanks, but it's great anyway.

HoTs scaling innately with crit and haste - Nice one, but I'm fearing that this could be a little too much scaling for druids. There will be some work to do if they don't want to adjust the numbers every patch. A nice thing would be if the radiance hots also scaled with crit and haste...

Mind Spike - Despite I'm not shadow and I probably will never be, I think I'm going to love this anyway: "[...] though it may be occasionally useful for healers as well." I like doing a little damage if there's nothing to heal.

Inner Will - Movement Speed! Any tool granting movement speed is my friend, I couldn't imagine any holy specc without body&soul anymore. Yes, you will lose the spell power from inner fire, but 10% mana reduce could be also very nice - we'll see. I guess we are going to change our inner will/fire for some fights depending on movement and manamangement, but not infight due to high costs.

Shadow Orbs - Mentioning that low level priests are also going to get them I suggest a fix proc rate (maybe 20% on spellcast or something like that) and just their power scaling with mastery. This would be indeed a very boring mechanic.

#51 MADMark


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Posted 12 April 2010 - 04:22 PM

HoTs scaling innately with crit and haste - Nice one, but I'm fearing that this could be a little too much scaling for druids. There will be some work to do if they don't want to adjust the numbers every patch. A nice thing would be if the radiance hots also scaled with crit and haste...

Why would it be too much scaling? Right now, druids generally gear for only SP (+ haste to get to a 1 sec GCD). Additional haste and crit is of very limited use, and blizzard knows this. If crit and haste become useful for HOTs, druids will be sacrificing SP to get haste or crit and Blizzard will most likely lower the base heal amount to compensate for the new utility they're getting out of crit and haste.

I realize that all of this will change in Cataclysm, but I don't think there is any reason to think druids can't be balanced around crit and haste like any other healer. The only issue is that each tick of heal is small, as compared to a long cast time heal such as GH, so its crits could be more useful, as they might be less likely to overheal, but I doubt it.

Why wouldn't radiance HOTs scale with haste? There would be double dipping issues with crit, but I don't see why they wouldn't scale with haste like any other HoT.

... it just begs to be repeatedly reported, over and over, as though reporting a post could somehow be analogous to stabbing someone in the face with a knife forged out of their own concentrated stupid.

#52 Guest_Amoenitas_*

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Posted 12 April 2010 - 09:43 PM

Why would it be too much scaling?

I think mostly because of the announced higher HP pools and less burst damage. HoTs (and in addition to that, as you already mentioned: any crits and therefore also hots critting) will do less overhealing as they do now because there is no need to top people instantly anymore. At the same time shielding will be less useful as it is now.

#53 Kashir


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Posted 12 April 2010 - 11:09 PM

Let's also keep in mind that the days of the infinite mana Resto Druid are over. HoTs are more likely to be effective healing; but at the same time, Druids probably won't be able to blanket HoT spam the way we've been seeing since Ulduar.

Even if HoT balance does need to be toned down, it's still a good idea to have HoTs and DoTs scale innately with haste and crit. Now hopefully they'll apply the same thinking to haste -> fixed spell cooldowns...

#54 pocketmage


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 06:22 PM

Without seeing how regen will work, along with HPM and HPS of the various spells at level 85, it's very hard to predict anything right now. It could be that holy priests will go back to Renew+Heal spam, with PoM used on cooldown. And PoH/CoH being the beefy rare cast heals like how it was back in vanilla. At least that seems to be their aim.

Perhaps PoH will have it's HPS significantly increased again relative to the other spells in our arsenal?

#55 Frmercury



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Posted 14 April 2010 - 02:59 AM

Well an Arcanemage brings:
*Spellcrit (Debuff)
*Slower Cast Time (Debuff)

They will be losing the Crit debuff, but GC said:

We pulled Misery because we are pulling every group benefit that improves hit. It's annoying to have to swap your gear in and out depending on who shows up for your group. In general we're going to push even harder in Cataclysm for bringing people you like to play with, not bringing people who have awesome buffs. The answer to almost every question of "But why would they bring me?" should be "Because you know what the hell you're doing."

It looks like right now they just aren't planning on it.

#56 Elimbras


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Posted 14 April 2010 - 12:07 PM

They will likely change all supports. They stated a few important changes (sunder being tuned down, spell hit disappear), and they stated explicitely that they wanted group support to be less important than it is currently (whilst staying non negligible).

That being said, rogues currently bring nearly no support (a nice single +4% physical dps for combat rogues, shared with Arms warriors, and a common +3% crit for assa rogues, shared with Paladins and ele shamans, so it's very likely redundant), but they find raid spots quite easily (even when they didn't topped meters). The main reason is that you can get (at least in 25) most if not all raid buffs with only 10-15 people.

#57 Sarjin


    Piston Honda

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Posted 14 April 2010 - 12:16 PM

I'm a little sceptic about some of the changes, and wasn't terribly impressed with the preview. Still, there's some potential here, depending how it works out, and I assume we are going to see a lot more changes to the talent tree.

  • I'm glad the WotLK days of spamhealing are coming to a close if they reach their design goals. I had a lot more fun healing in especially TBC, where mana felt like something which needed managing, without being overly restrictive if you used the proper mechanics. (I still miss downranking and cast-cancel/clearcasting plays with the 5SR) On the other hand I'm somewhat sceptic about Blizzard's ability to pull this off. They have tried to reduce mana availability a lot of times in the past, though often it has ended up being somewhat of an arms race where healers gear for additional regen. That said TBC balance felt quite good to me for the most part, so as long as damage patterns and mana availability do not promote a play style where every GCD has to be used, it should be a positive developement. Increasing heal granularity through the addition of Heal (which I expect to take the niche GHeal 2 used to have) is a good step though.
  • I'm somewhat on the fence on balancing haste on HoTs. Crit I see as no problem whatsoever, as it makes little sense to have spells not benefit from it at all, and it provides the same improvement to all spells this way now. Haste is a bit trickier. If Blizzard succeed in balancing mana, Rejuv blankets will be gone, and the increase in delivery speed is nice to increase safety of the target by being healed up sooner by the HoT. On the other hand, if mana isn't balanced and we end up in an environment somehow where Druids are GCD-limited and Rejuv blankets are potentially useful (and we might use Renew like now), we end up in a situation where HoTs get double benefits from haste and it would be a pain to balance them. That said, way too early to call, as it really depends on so many things about Cata balance which we are unaware of atm. I remember being concerned about increasing mana costs in WotLK beta, and we all know how the overall mana game played out for this expansion...

A lot of this obviously depends on all the numbers on the spells involved. For example their idea to make Holy Priests better single target healers (most welcome in my view) is something of which a lot could just be done by the tuning of some numbers, which I guess we'll get a better idea of once the beta numbers and experiences start flowing in in a while. Regarding some specific points, my views:

  • I have my doubts about Mind Spike, kinda voiced here before. I don't really see how it will not end up in the rotation for Shadow, yet still be a useful tool. 'Three targets or less which die within 15 seconds' seems an awfully narrow niche, and I just don't see how the advertised damage will be worthwile on burn targets and yet not have a decent place as filler in the rotation. At the advertised damage levels, it also feels a little more like a low ramp up time alternative on adds, rather than proper burst damage which can spike above the regular sustained damage levels. I also don't quite get why they don't just remove the cooldown from Mind Blast and balance it accordingly (some DoT synergies come to mind), but that might just be me. Also a little sceptic about the use to healers tbh; after all we are talking about an environment in which mana is supposed to matter, which usually means you don't case nukes with crap efficiency. (Unless they implement some mechanic where something has to be burned down in time and healers need to help out)
  • I can see some uses to Inner Will, though I expect it to be fairly situational as Holy. I don't expect us to see us spamming Renew in Cataclysm (Also considering it won't work with Radiance, and those blankets should be a thing of the past), and aside from that our number of instants is fairly limited. (ProM/CoH aren't that major mana drains comparatively, and Shield and DP see occasional use only as Holy) Would have preferred something a bit less boring than another armor spell though. Ending up with a choice is something long overdue compared to other clothies, but I'm not thrilled about it taking up a lvl 80+ ability slot.
  • Leap of Faith may have some use. On the one hand I don't like feeling like a kindergarten teacher who has to make sure others don't screw up; on the other hand I see people messing up often enough in raids where this might have saved them, so it should see some use. Still, it's a bit weird that the better a raid gets, the less useful this skill gets. Not unique though I guess, as Soulstone/Rebirth/Reincarnation 'suffer' from the same issues and are still very appreciated skills. I do wonder though about the presence of any aggro modifying effect. To me, there's really only one option, being a built in Fade:
    • Putting some sort of permanent aggro modification on the spell will mean that it will get used as an alternative Hand of Salvation, which shouldn't really be intended. Too easy to abuse that.
    • No aggro modification at all will mean that if some DPS pulls aggro and I pull him towards me, I just killed half the raid with that Dragon just cleaving or breathing the entire ranged/healer camp. Additionally would lead to a lot of potential abuse with using LoF to have tanks avoid special attacks or simplify kiting phases. (Vezax comes to mind, but there's a lot of other bosses, not to mention when a boss has enraged) A lot of things which would give a lot of unintended uses to the spell.
    • A built-in Fade means that it will be possible to save the DPS with aggro as advertised, without permanently modifying their aggro, while giving the tank some time to re-establish aggro on the tank.
      I also can see them adding a short duration Forbearance type debuff on the target, to prevent potential use of chains of Priests moving a target.
  • Chakra sounds like it has potential, but how it turns out fully depends on implementation:
    • I don't like the means of activation at all. Three spells in a row is very clunky; typically a sub optimal spell choice which in the case of the PoH activation will take a lot of mana and time. Additionally like mentioned before, once we are in such a Chakra, we will have to be careful to not accidentally activate another one. Overall I'm not happy at all with spellcasting patterns being required for activation; it feels a bit too much once more like being forced into a rotation, which I just do not find enjoyable at all, and doesn't really fit with the Cataclysm healing theme either. To me it would be a lot more elegant to add a spell called Chakra which we can activate (likely having a short cooldown) and after which the next heal we cast determines our Chakra. This means we don't have the explicit stance buttons I expect Blizzard wouldn't like, while still making the choice with Chakra without being forced to waste mana and time.
    • I assume that Chakra will mirror Aspects/Stances/Presences in that they will be a buff of indefinite length providing us benefits, which we change on the fly to adapt to the situation. If it's a short term buff, this makes the current activation seem even worse as it will push us into rotations and spamming similar spells a lot. Considering they are also talking about making Priests more viable single target healers (something I expect Chakra to figure in somehow), the added UI elements they are talking about and the 'investment' involved in activating them, I'd expect the buffs to be quite meaningful.
    • How Priests will be balanced in the different Chakras will also determine their use. I'd personally expect us to be equal in raid healing potential to Shamans/Druids in Group Chakra, while maybe being a bit weaker in single target healing. (for balance reasons, see later) When going into Single Target Chakra, we'd lose a bit of our raid healing capabilities but gain quite a significant boost to single target healing, to the point we are stronger than Shamans/Druids but still weaker than Disc and Holy Pallies. (The weaker single target healing in Group Chakra being to kinda balance things out wrt Druids/Shamans) I know some Druids/Shamans would yell that Holy Priests in the right Chakra being better single target healers than them, while being able to equal them in raid healing in Group Chakra would be unfair. Then again, if we have to be in Group Chakra to equal their raid healing, and in Single Target Chakra to only equal their single target healing, it would just be another hoop to jump through to remain competitive which they don't have to deal with. How Renew Chakra figures into this equation I don't know.
    To me Chakra feels like the key feature for Holy healing in Cataclysm, and I'm very interested how it turns out. It could be a very interesting feature which is fun to play with and allows us to be flexible healers without being overpowered by doing it all at once. On the flipside, if implemented badly it could also feel like an artificial limitation to our potential and just another chore to deal with to remain competitive, or even just something not worth bothering with. (if the cost versus benefit part doesn't work out)
  • I really hope something will happen to Lightwell. My biggest fear is that we will just get the message from GC that 'We feel Lightwell has excellent potential for Cataclysm given its efficiency in an environment where mana should matter'. Mana mattered in TBC, and it's not like Lightwell got a lot of use there. To me it needs to either be removed and replaced with something else, or changed completely in functionality. The pseudo-mana tide solution as proposed earlier in the thread appeals to me, though I believe GC has indicated previously their reluctance to change it to something akin to a totem, or something not requiring player interaction. (then again, the player interaction part is what currently kind of sinks it in the first place, even in a more mana limited environment where people aren't healed up in seconds)
  • I'm wondering if we're getting some new ability in the Holy Tree. There's talk about PW: Barrier for Disc, Shamans are getting Spirit Link somehow. I'm assuming Chakra will replace Serendipity (I don't see how keeping that talent around in the current form will be viable, especially with it conflicting heavily with current Chakra activation). We have a potential gap at Lightwell, but overall the other specs seem to be getting an ability added somehow, so I wonder what will happen for us in that aspect.
  • I hope the nerf to Replenishment is quite massive. I dislike dependancy on a single buff for a lot of my mana, rather than the mana management I used to have back in TBC.

Overall I was a little disappointed with the preview, also considering a lot of the comments weren't very defined and tended to be of the 'We want to improve a little bit here' without any clear indication how they were going to do this. The Shaman preview felt a bit more polished, as if Shamans were further along in development. (more comments like 'This is what we'll do') Then again there's some nice room for potential there, and I guess it's more of a sneak peak than a comprehensive preview. Let's hope Chakra works out to be a fun feature though, with some numbers tweaking also returning us a bit more to the position we held as Holy Priests in TBC.

Also quite curious about the Paladin preview today, since it should give us some indication of how they will work with balance between the different healing specs.

#58 Overhead


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 14 April 2010 - 03:12 PM

From the dps forums, on a shammy post:

The risk of more passive bonuses (like the current Enhancement one) is that it's just a little dry. Since your spell damage tends to scale roughly (roughly) with your gear, it risks just feeling like more damage. On the other hand, bonuses like Shadow and Balance affect gameplay an awful lot and may end up being just one too many things to monitor.

It sounds like the intended shadow orbs change will actually give us a decent amount of control, or at least be something we pay attention to. It at least removes some of the possibilities discussed earlier in this thread about it being completely passive. I'm always a huge fan of this - anything to make a bigger gap between skilled and unskilled players.

This pushes my guess as to its functionality somewhere along these lines:
Flat chance to proc (so level 11 priests feel like shadow priests). A new spell, off the GCD, that consumes an orb and gives you a buff, which is consumed by the next relevant spell. Similar to lock's shard absorbing ability, but less powerful and more common. Mastery would likely increase the effect of the orb consumption.

#59 soyinka


    Glass Joe

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Posted 16 April 2010 - 09:08 AM

I can't see them giving us an "orb burn" spell since they already used that for warlocks.
For the exact same reason I think we will have a good amount of orbs, up to 10 I'd say, to make us somehow different from warlocks and shamans.

My guess is that the orbs will stack until you have X of them, at which point they will be consumed and for Y seconds you will have some kind of damage boost (sw: d usable even out of execute range, damage boost on mindblast, faster mindflays etc), this will happen fairly often, giving us something to watch and adapt to on top of our usual priority system. The mastery stat will increase the rate at which orbs appear.

#60 Rathorne


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Posted 16 April 2010 - 09:20 AM

Something I haven't seen mentioned here yet... and from my reading, I'm not sure if it is correct, but it does have a 'feeling' of correctness: It looks like macros will become more potent in Cataclysm as our spells now have a fixed duration, unaffected by haste. Is this the case or am I reading it wrongly?

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