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Posted 09 April 2010 - 10:33 PM

Post: Cataclysm Warrior Changes
User: Arghoslent
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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With Cataclysm, nothing will change because I've seen the changes to all the other classes already.

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I'm a little worried about the changes to Heroic Strike. Obviously, like any other warrior tank out there, I absolutely hate spamming this ability all the time, making my small finger (used for hitting my HS key) ache like hell. But it IS a big part of our aggro generation. I didn't see any mention of other abilities getting their innate aggro increased. I do hope we won't be pushed back to Ulduar times, where any offtank was able to overaggro pathetic warriors.
The Vengeance thingy looks like a nice aggro boost, but something tells me that we will end up doing 25% of dps classes' damage again.

On a side note, Blizzard absolutely suck at balancing warriors. We were the first and only tanks in Vanilla. With the introduction of additional tanking classes, I observed a funny tendency. Other classes able to tank had their tanking rotations more and more simplified:
- druids have Thunder Clap "built-in" thanks to a talent
- paladins have Demo Shout "built-in" as well
- death knights aren't really tanking in the strict sense of the word. They use the same set of abilities as while dpsing, with Rune Strike macroed. (I realise I'm simplifying here, but you get my point.)
- all a druid tank needs to do to AoE tank is to press one button - Swipe
- paladin AoE tanking does not differ from single tanking at all
Examples are galore.
Warrior tanking is much more complex and reactive (reactive use of Revenge and Shield Slam anyone?). Don't get me wrong here. I'm not trying to convince anyone that all other tanks need no skill and that warrior tanks are artists compared with others. But the fact is that we have like 3 times more buttons to press to be able to tank effectively, ESPECIALLY in the AoE department. With Cataclysm, nothing will change, because Ghostcrawler said that rage manmagement gives more "depth" to tanking... I laughed my arse off. They produce 2 button tanks, but we need "depth" to what we do? Is it only me that sees a huge discrepancy in tanking philosophies here?
I'm really curious how this all will end come the new expansion.

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