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WotLK Healing Compendium v3.3.5: Fun in the Twilight with Halion

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#181 Miarose


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 07 September 2010 - 09:33 PM

I haven't seen much, if any talk about crit lately on here. Due to circumstances out of my control, after blizzard changed the T10 set bonus, I am stuck in 277 shadow tier for disc, unless I want to lose the stats to drop down to 4 piece 264 holy tier for the bonus, which I do not. When playing a versatile disc role in raids, ie. tank assisting/healing, shield spamming, is there a point we get to where too much crit is overkill? The 'weight' of crit obviously seems dependent upon your raid role, and if you're lacking in other stat areas.

Ever since the change by Blizz to have our shield glyph heals accurately affected by Divine Aegis, DA's healing has subsequently gone up, making crit seem even more appealing.
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#182 Starfire


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Posted 07 September 2010 - 09:55 PM

I believe, if you took the shadow tier you would have more haste, not more crit. So I am a bit confused as to what you're asking given you seem to be questioning the difference between shadow tier and healing tier.

By the way, the stats and spellpower won't make up the difference 5% bigger shields will do. However if you're a tank healing Disc priest or a second Disc priest in the raid, I suppose the haste and crit would be far better.

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#183 Miarose


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 08 September 2010 - 01:01 AM

Ah, you misunderstood Star, or maybe I phrased poorly. I'm not asking which is better. I'm asking about the value of crit at much higher levels. Is there a point to where it become subject to diminishing returns and rather pointless to gain more? Or possible to have too much.
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#184 Carnathagia


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Posted 08 September 2010 - 01:47 AM

If you're spamming shields and mana isn't an issue, crit is the only secondary stat that makes sense. For anything else, haste is more throughput per point. There isn't a diminishing return necessarily, but depending on your spell makeup some of that critical rating would be better as haste.


There should be a formula that shows where the benefits change based on your spell usage. For instance, the critical rating conversion is 45.906, while the haste rating conversion is 32.79. So, assuming (falsely) that the throughput increase are the same, haste is already 40% better per rating.

However, for direct heals, Haste gives a flat 1% increase per percentage. Critical gives less, since a critical heal is 1.5 times larger than a normal heal instead of twice as large. I believe that Divine Aegis makes this 1.9. For shielding, haste gives 0 value, and critical gives an increase that is 1.9*20% of your shield value (Power Word: Shield glyph heal).

Perhaps one of the more advanced statistical mathematicians here can confirm the formula that shows at what ratio of direct heals to shields does haste come out as the throughput winner for Discipline priests. This is particularly relevant for Halion if you are the 'upstairs' healer, and a large portion of your heals are direct heals on the tank.
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#185 Hegen


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Posted 06 October 2010 - 08:38 PM

As all of you are aware, the 4.0.1 patch introducing heavily changed mechanics will hit servers any day now. The applicability of the current Priest Healing Compendium thus comes to an end and so does this thread.

In my final revision to the guide, I have appended a new section that contains my notes regarding which guide section needs some work, needs to be rewritten or might still be usable (I was actually surprised there are such sections). If a new guide author wishes to discuss that list, please use PM - expect this thread to be locked pretty soon.

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