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Posted 14 April 2010 - 10:57 PM

Post: Dots and you: The Affliction Warlock Thread
User: )@rth
Infraction: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
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Greetings, I have a question regarding pets. According to this very thread the priority on pets for affi goes: Infernal > Dommgaurd > Felpup > Succubus > Imp > Void.
I was wondering if this remains the same to this current date with the current gear and talents. Some people have told me that for standard pet succubus with 2 points in demonic power is superior to felpup with the 2 points in imp felhunter.
Aside from that using infernal on the last minute of a fight is the best, as well as doomgaurd every single time the CD is up, correct?
Thank you for your answers.

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