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Off Spec Healers - 60-70

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Posted 20 February 2007 - 10:41 PM

I'm currently a shadow priest specced 0/12/49 - points in holy were mainly for Divine Fury. Originally, I had planned to do a Shadow/Disc build to allow me to solo level/quest, but I respecced around 64 to Shadow/Holy after main healing some of the earlier instances and finding that the lack of Divine Fury was really killing my effectiveness as a healer.

I've now done almost all the 70 instances as the main healer except for Mechanar, and I'd have to say it's not too bad, though it can be very tough if people aren't on the ball about keeping stuff CC'd or locked down. I do use mana oils, food and lots of mana potions wherever necessary and sport a healing set that is close to +1000 healing and over 110 mp/5. The main issue I find is running out of mana on long boss fights. I've incorporated Prayer of Mending a lot into my healing strategy and find that it works wonders for a lot of places, such as Shattered Halls. I haven't yet healed a heroic (still need to get a lot more keys) but I would probably have a tough time if there was no one else to help heal. I was doing heroic Slave Pens with a resto druid, prot warrior, mage and hunter, and it seemed my VE did a lot to help the group up, but I did have to shift out of shadowform to toss some heals for the last two fights.

I do agree that the ideal 5-man would contain a healing specced healer and an off-spec, in my experience that has been one of the smoothest group setups I've experienced so far.

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