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Infraction for Lyricalle: Multiple violations

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Posted 27 April 2010 - 09:40 PM

Post: Frost DPS in 3.3.3::This will be a day long remembered
User: Lyricalle
Infraction: Multiple violations
Points: 2

Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Oh where to start here. Let's see. The word is "is" not "iz". Ease up on the emoticons and <3; a lot. Don't misuse ellipses. Use proper capitalization when posting here. Sentences start with capital letters and the first person pronoun I is always capitalized no matter where in the sentence it occurs. Your profile says "stay at home mom" stop acting like an 11 year old at the mall.

Once we get past all that, your post is nothing but a "thanks" post which is best sent to the individual in a PM or not posted at all if it is to the thread at large to avoid clutter.

Original Post:

Nice tips, gonna be able to get a bunch more damage out of myself now that i know the caps on everything, Thanks :) <3 Love being frost, you know what they say about once you go frost... oh, no that was something else ;) hehe, Well thanks again for your insights, looking forward to trying some new things out! :D wewt!

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