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Posted 20 May 2010 - 02:47 PM

Post: Shaman: Simple Questions/Simple Answers
User: epamafia
Infraction: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.
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Yeah!!! Those douchebags!!!

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I am trying to defuse a situation between my raiding shamen. We are attemting ICC 25 hard mode and we have one elemental shaman and one restauration shaman.

Both shaman are refusing to drop a windfury totem for the melee. Both saying the other one ought to drop one.

Could you please give me a clear indication on what totems in this case, these two shaman (retau and elemental) should be dropping (rotface fight for instance)?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Well if no one drops it and you don´t raid with a frost DK, they are both douchebags and if I was RL I would Bench them or started punish them DKPwise until they set the totem right, like every 10 seconds .

@ Kimo

I believe it affects all dmg so....

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